The wonderful Marquesas Islands

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The wonderful Marquesas Islands will leave an indelible mark on our hearts. It is the mark of a pure archipelago, where one can find a fresh and natural lifestyle, and where the people who speak with you, do so with a simplicity of words yet at the same time attaching as much importance to a piece of fruit as they would to their life.

The sun sinks slowly and seems to set fire to the greenery which carpets Tahuata. We imagine wild horses galloping along the plains. We think of Gauguin and hum Brel...

There are only ten of us sharing our anchorage, yet we are in one of the most popular spots in the Hiva-Oa and Tahuata area. A light south-westerly swell soon has the monohulls bobbing from left to right as they withdraw from their anchorages. However, we and our friend Alain, alone on his catamaran, hold fast in this dreamlike landscape.

We are alone once more, adoring this creation that was forced out of the earth millennia ago…

Our star goes to sleep and makes way for the Milky Way and her stars, drawing their energy from the mystic, Marquesan legends and cultures.

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